Increase the value of your property and optimize its operating costs

Intelligent solution for saving energy and ensuring high-quality indoor climate.

Fidelix EcoSmart is an artificial intelligence system that increases comfort of use and living, makes technical maintenance more efficient, helps to optimize energy consumption – and pays itself back surprisingly fast.

In Finland, heating costs are among the highest fixed costs of a building. Heating problems lead to large variations in the indoor temperatures of rooms in a property. According to research by Motiva, as many as 75% of residential buildings involve unnecessary energy consumption for this reason.

By correcting imbalances in a property’s heating management and avoiding overheating, savings of up to 20% in energy costs can easily be achieved.

An EcoSmart property monitors itself and adjusts its building technology automatically, in line with changing conditions.

With the help of Fidelix EcoSmart artificial intelligence, building technology is optimally adjusted at all times. This leads to direct cost savings and much higher comfort for the residents and users of a building. For this reason, Fidelix EcoSmart is a sensible choice for property owners.


Real-time weather forecast data helps anticipate changing conditions


Utilizes the mass of the building as a heat reservoir


Maximizes the benefits of ventilation heat recovery


Utilizes electrical appliances as a heat source


Takes account of actual indoor conditions (temperature and concentrations)


Monitors building technology and reports any need for maintenance automatically