Measures, controls and optimizes – by far the easiest IoT solution to use

For complete control of equipment. From anywhere, at any time.

Smart IoT is a cost-effective IoT system developed by Fidelix for the easy control of equipment over an information network.

With Fidelix Smart IoT, devices connect automatically to the Fidelix cloud platform. This solution can be used to control practically any device with a bus connection.

The focus of development has been ease of installation and use. Smart IoT enables the real-time monitoring, control and continuous optimization of even a large number of devices, easily, from a single centralized control room. Furthermore, the deployment cost of the system is significantly lower compared to competitors.

IoT, or the Internet of Things, means network-connected machines and devices that communicate with and observe their environment, and that can be controlled over the Internet.

The Fidelix Smart IoT system also enables various, dynamic user interfaces to be offered to different stakeholders. In terms of property use, for example, residents, a company or property manager can be offered the interaction and monitoring functionality they require in building automation.

Fidelix Smart IoT
The IoT system makes remote control easier than ever.


Its scalable platform is just as ideal for individual applications as for the control of extensive systems


Control and comparison of several sites is easy based on a centralized control room


Building Management Sofware is offered as a service (SaaS), eliminating the need for maintenance by the user


Secure connection through a GeniLink module (Ethernet or 3G/4G)


Establishing a connection during the installation phase is quick and easy with the help of the module's QR code: after the code is read, the bus-connected device will be connected to the EasyGate cloud


Browser-based user interface: control is possible with all of the most common terminal devices


Data from building automation and subsystems can be combined and utilized in the optimization of energy consumption, for example

Superior ease of use